Building a first-class campus

Sports Centre Expansion

A new all-weather sports facility and gym refurbishment are scheduled at St Paul’s this year to expand our sports facilities and create a training hub.

A plan is in place to cover three of the six existing tennis courts with an impermeable membrane, supported by an engineered steel structure. A lighting system will also be installed. The membrane will measure 37x44 metres and will be 12.1 metres high at the apex. The new structure will provide an all-weather facility, able to be used at any time of the day throughout the entire year. As an addition, the current surface of all six tennis courts will be re-laid.

The facility will also see changes to the current structure of the gyms. The 'old' gym will be refurbished to provide an extensive student-athlete development facility with a larger functional movement space and fitted with specific athlete development equipment for our students and community.

One of the key reasons for the upgrade in facilities is the relationship St Paul’s holds with its community. Community use of facilities within the school is something which is common and the school encourages this relationship. The proposed facility forecasts an increase in usage of the gymnasium facilities of 57%, and community usage 50%.

The addition of this improved facility will become a feature of the sporting identity of the school. It will develop partnerships with sporting organisations and foster new relationships with the community.

Development costs $1,200,000
School contribution $600,000
Trust Funding $600,000