Who we are

Message from the Chair

In 2004 the St Paul’s Foundation was established to secure investments to ensure the future of the school. The priorities being that this school maintains its financial independence and that it can provide facets of education in line with the vision and foresight of the founders.

To date, that vision and philanthropic support have ensured that every St Paul’s student has experienced more significant improvements to their school environment compared to those who had attended before them.

In comparison to most independent secondary schools, St Paul’s is relatively young. While being leaders in many applications, we are very traditional in our delivery of the values, culture and quality of education one would expect in developing young men and women of character.

The work of our Foundation ensures that this is possible both in the present and with an eye to the future. Also, the provision of our scholarship programme allows involvement by some students who otherwise would not have been able to attend.

As with a young person, so too a growing business requires ongoing support. When I look at established independent schools, many have had three or four generations of family pass through their gates and have been the recipient of not only those generations of fees and donations but also bequests.

I ask that you join with the Foundation board, our Founders and the many generous people who over the years have contributed already. Together we will continue to support St Paul’s to an age where it will capture all the streams of revenue that will secure its future.

Megan Smith, Chair – St Paul’s Foundation