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Changing lives

Building a first-class campus

Legacy gifts

Leave a legacy

Family is precious and we are all part of the St Paul’s Collegiate School family. For more than 60 years the support of Collegians, parents and friends of St Paul’s has created an enduring connection between the generations.

Thinking in centuries, rather than years, must be in our minds when we consider the future of our school. St Paul’s has been made possible through the foresight and vision of our seven Founders. Their individual legacies may have been small but as a collective, their impact underpins St Paul’s today.

Whilst income from school fees covers the day-to-day costs, it is not sufficient to continue to implement St Paul’s vision of turning possibilities into reality. In this unpredictable world, it is more important than ever that St Paul’s has a strong future through its Foundation.

By giving a timeless gift and including St Paul’s in your Will you help ensure our future generations will continue to benefit from a life-changing educational experience at St Paul’s.

Thank you for considering a gift to St Paul’s. To find out more, download a copy of our bequest brochure below.

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