Building a first-class campus

Dining room

In early 2012 a new dining hall opened at St Paul’s Collegiate School, to feed the school’s 700 hungry students and staff during meal times. The former dining hall was in its original state, without having a makeover since being built in the '60s.

The change from hard wood floors to carpet was the most noticeable feature of the new building, reducing noise and creating a warmer, more cosy dining environment. Along with new flooring, furniture and a sound system, the building was extended both up and out to comfortably seat 360 at one sitting and cater for 800 people within an hour at lunchtime.

Lunch at St Paul’s has now become a shared time for the school’s community of teachers, support staff and students to gather together.

The dining room is also used by the wider community for weddings, functions, conferences and sports camps.

Fundraising for this project

Fundraising goal $1.80m
Amount raised $1.80m